About us

National High  School of  Stage and Film Design was established in the autumn of 1975 as an Art School of Stage Design in Plovdiv the city of artists and the first professional theatre troop in Bulgarian history.

During the years headmasters of the school were Hazaros Bedrosian, Yordan Spasov, Stanislav Samokovliev, and since 1992/1993 Emilya Arabadjieva – our present headmistress. History of the school is marked  on  eminent achievements and as a high school  – lots of our graduated students  have already won recognition as authors in different parts of scenic and visual arts and on the other hand as creative achievements  in realizing of projects in professional institutions like theatre, opera, cinema.. One of the reason for this are adjustable alterations in a teaching process  of general education  value and vocational  training, which are connected with development of educational and creative process. Because all of this our high school  strengthens its positions as a modern and  contemporary educational institution.

In 2008 the school was recognized as National High School of Stage and Film Design. This is not just a new name,  especially this new name determined the essence of educational content, headed towards theatre, cinema and  television work, and another parts of visual arts.

Students of National High School of Stage and Film Design achieve an excellent education. They reach all standards of general education teaching Bulgarian language and literature, English, German, Mathematics, Information technologies, Computer studies, History, Geography, Physhology, Philosophy, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Music, Sport.

All students are interested in universal art subjects like history of art, drawing, perspective, plastic anatomy, professional foreign language, history of music, painting, sculpture, history of stage costume, computer design. These subjects are an important and necessary part of the general process of education and training young people for their work in a theatre, puppet theatre, opera, cinema, television. During the years of education students become specialists in the area of art and personalities ready to establish their skillfulness, talent and abilities in fast developing world.

Teachers of professional and specialized education  in  National High School of Stage and Film Design are proven names in the art sphere and are famous artists who have a well-deserved place in cultural life and profound professional experience. They lead boys and girls to new knowledge, doing their duty with high responsibility, bring up them in valuable thing  which they need to realize themselves completely in life.

There are serious professional and creative relationships between our school and theatres, other schools, art galleries, cultural community clubs, Plovdiv municipality`s Department of culture, television studios and cinema productions. All these things enable students to realize their proficient abilities dur5ing the time they study and to make contact facilitating their work after leaving school; to receive better professional skills; for our students to work on projects of famous directors and scenographers is prestigiously; we have an excellent contacts with theatres in Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Pazardjik, Haskovo and private theatre formations.

Acting specialties confirm for short time – their performances gain artistic space not only in Plovdiv , every day we receive grateful letters for students about plays which are  prepared and performed by them.

Except educational process our students take actively part in projects of approved in cultural life artists like – Emir Kostuitza, Leonard Kapon, Tedy Moskov, Marius Kurkinski. We participate in different  cultural activities – exhibit student and teacher`s works in an annual exhibition in “Romfea” gallery, enjoy ourselves in Gabrovo carnival, celebrate the International Theatre Day with an own performance in “Hristo Botev” community cultural club, we take part in many cultural initiatives, competitions, realize European projects.

Last but not least in our school there is a spirit of good will, tolerance, correctness, freedom,

unabolished element from art complex way.

A good reason be confident is fact that our school is attractive and in demand of young people. General and specialized education take equal parts, students who graduate are intelligent and well-informed, they will join in cultural life of our country to confirm its positions in Europe and in the world.


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